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Aug.20 I made a purchase for what I thought was a brand new VS986LD leather LG G4. Google lists them as brand new also on their site.

I email them on Aug 22 since the order changed but I wasn't given any tracking information. I was given a china tracking number. I proceed to ask if this device was new then since I found it odd the device was coming from China when their site says they are in New York. He assured me the device was 100% brand new never used or activated.

I also noticed that on the vs986 page they list the h815 model on there also which is a completely different model and will not work on Verizon's network. I ask about that and was told I was being sent a vs986. Aug. 29 I email them again asking about why the original tracking hadn't updated.

I was told an attempted delivery was made but no one was home. I would have been home had I had the correct tracking. I go to my post office and get the package and see a completely different tracking number. The one I was originally given was moving all across New York still.

I get home and open the package to find a scratched, dented, and dirty device. The bezel was scratched up bad as well as dents to where it looked to be dropped. The earpiece still had dirt, gunk, Or whatever it was stuck in there. I also noticed the device's model was not a leather version but a ceramic white version.

They had swapped a leather back into the box with a used battery in a Ziploc bag. I decide to go to my Verizon store anyways to see if the device is really new without a doubt. Verizon verifies the device is used and already a year old because the warranty had already run out. They also verified it was a ceramic white model and not the leather like I originally ordered.

I never activate the phone and email cell2get. They tell me to call them. I proceed to call around 10 times before someone answered. Once he answered he continued to argue the phone is brand new even with the information from my carrier and the obvious signs of use listed above.

He proceeds to send me pictures of what he says is the phone I bought. Even in the pictures the factory protective wraps are gone as well as the box showing it is a ceramic white device and not a leather. I found it even more odd a device they claim come from China wound up at their shop for pictures. I ask for a refund at this point since I never activated the phone and was put on hold.

He returned asking if he could send another device as an exchange and he would personally inspect this one before it shipped out. If the device is new it should be factory sealed and not need any inspection before use. I agreed anyways for and exchange. I was told the device was shipping out sept.

2 since I had already shipped the one I had back. The one I returned was signed for as delivered on September 7. I haven't got any tracking or update since September 2 so I email them again. I was given another china tracking number that has been sitting in China since September 2.

He told me to give it 2-3 days and I should have my device by September 13. I'm pretty sure I am about to go through a complete repeat on a used device listed as new since everything is going the exact same route as before. It is now September 10 and the device is still listed as being in China.

I have every email stored from this transaction including the promises of it being a brand new device.

I will update this once I receive the device.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics G4 Vs986ld Cell Phone.

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