The company cell2get found a new way to defraud customers. They do not send out ordered phones and charged customers 28% of the charged price. In my case I purchased a cell phone from their website. I contacted the company since the phone had not arrived within a reasonable time. I was told that the order is in "process". They were unable to tell me if it had been shipped or a delivery date; therefore, I cancelled the order.

The total price was $109.19. They refunded my credit card $78.66. They witheld $30.53.

The phone never arrived in the mail; hence, it was never mailed, but the they witheld 28% of the price. This is the most unscrupulous business practice I have ever heard. This company should be prosecuted and put out of business.

Although I will dispute the charges with my credit company. I would like to warn potential consumers of the fraudulent business practices of this company. I also will report them to the Attorney General's Office.

Consumer beware of Cell2Get!!!

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